Ok, so I’m a little late to my own party…

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Well, it’s ONLY been 3 years since I signed up for this blog and now here I am finally making it REAL. 🙂

My New Year resolution is to start keeping track of my life’s ups and downs no matter where it may lead me. Today is not a particular good day, the market is down and has been down quite a bit in the past couple weeks so I’ve lost all my gains for the past 2-3 years! My portfolio looks like someone robbed me, but all I can do is laugh. I laugh because life isn’t JUST about money, it isn’t just about dwelling in sadness and misery. It IS about seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and taking steps to get through all this clutter and crap and being at peace with one’s self.

Today is the day I remind myself to start feeling good about all the things that have gone right and all the things that are worthwhile such as family, friends, and love for love’s sake. Today I remembered to smile. You should too. It’s never too late. Do it today, do it now. See, that wasn’t hard was it?


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Check back REAL soon. Good things are coming – promise.

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